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Bunnings Clothesline
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Bunnings Clothesline

Get Your New Bunnings Clothesline Installed Now

Have you just purchased a new Bunnings clothesline? Whether it’s a retractable or folding clothesline, or a Hills rotary clothesline, we at Citywide Clothesline Services can install it for you.

What Types of Bunnings Clotheslines Can You Install?

Our clothesline installation service covers all types of clotheslines purchased from Bunnings including:

Retractable Clotheslines
Folding Clotheslines
Rotary Clotheslines
Indoor Clotheslines
Wall Mounted Clotheslines


We know Bunnings stock a range of clothesline brands too, and we can install all of them including:

Austral Clothes Hoists

How Much Does it Cost to Install My Bunnings Clothesline?

Pricing for a standard clothesline installation is $165.

Why Should I Choose Citywide Clothesline Services to Install My Bunnings Clothesline?

We have been working with Bunnings for over 5 years as one of the primary Clothesline Installation Providers that service Melbourne, Geelong and the Mornington Peninsula for customers who purchase a clothesline from Bunnings.

Read our reviews on Google from our customers about our Clothesline Services. 

Checkout Our Latest Clotheslines That Our Team Have Installed

ground mounted clothesline
wall mounted folding clothesline installed

 Wall Mounted Austral Compact 28 Single Fold Down Clothesline

How Can I Book My Bunnings Clothesline Installation?

Now that you’ve got your new clothesline from Bunnings, we can take care of the rest. No more waiting inline at the services desk.

Just head to our website and book your installation in just a few clicks!

  1. Go to our Clothesline Installation and select your required installation service.
  2. Complete the online checkout process.
  3. Once your order is received, one of our team members will be in contact with you within 24 hours to confirm a date and time for one of our installers to install your clothesline.

If you have any questions, you can send an online enquiry or call us on 1300 366 229.

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