Clothesline Restring and Rewire

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  • Clothesline restring service available for all clothesline types
  • Price includes new clothesline wire or cord
  • Some clotheslines require new clips and tensioners for an extra charge
  • Once checkout is complete, a team member will be in touch to book a time and date to restring your clothesline

Clothesline Restring & Rewire Service

Citywide's clothesline restring and rewire services are available throughout Melbourne, Geelong and the Mornington Peninsula. Our experienced installers will refresh your old clothesline, with new galvanised wire or polycore plastic cord.

Clothesline restring and rewiring is available for:

Rotary Clotheslines
Folding Clotheslines

Clothesline restring and rewiring is not available for:

Retractable Clotheslines

Clothesline Restring Pricing

• Pricing for a standard clothesline restring or rewire is $199.
• This pricing includes the cost of the new wire or cord.
• Some clotheslines require new clips and tensioners for an extra charge.

Day of Clothesline Restring

• Our installer arrives onsite at the agreed time*
• Installer will first remove the existing old line and replace it with new line wire or cord.
• New tension will also be applied.

* Please note, if you are not at your premises at the arranged time, the installer is unable to gain access or cannot restring your clothesline due to an incorrect product selection, a callout fee of up to $75 may apply.

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FAQs About Clothesline Restring

What locations do you offer clothesline restring services?

We offer our clothesline restring services across Melbourne, Geelong and the Mornington Peninsula.

What will happen to my old clothesline wire or cord?

Our installer will remove your existing old wire or cord and take it with them.

Can you restring a clothesline if nobody is home?

This can be an option if discussed prior to booking your clothesline restring. Simply give us a call on 1300 366 229 so we can accommodate your request.

How much does it cost to restring a clothesline?

Our standard clothesline restring price is $199, which includes the cost of new wire or cord.

How long does it take to restring a clothesline?

This can vary depending on the existing clothesline and the type of clothesline being rewired. Normally, between 30 to 60 minutes. Give us a call to find out more.

Who will restring my clothesline?

One of our friendly and highly experienced team members will restring your clothesline. Our installers are all trade qualified.

Need a New Clothesline?

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