A Retractable Clothesline is a popular choice of clothesline in Australia, due to the range of installation options and varied number of lines and line extension lengths. A Retractable clothesline offers the perfect solution to homes that have limited space and also have the ability to be completely removed when not in use. We stock the only Australian Made Retractable Clothesline brand, Austral Retractable Clotheslines, including the two popular RetractAway 40 and 50 models. Get a new Retractable Clothesline online today! 

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4 products

Retractable Clothesline FAQs

What is a retractable clothesline?

A retractable clothesline is a type of clothesline that works by pulling out the lines from a cabinet and extending the lines to a post or wall, where they are locked and secured into place. When not in use, the lines can be retracted back into the cabinet.

What are the main benefits of a retractable clothesline?

The main benefits of a retractable clothesline include, flexible installation options, save space, can be used indoors and outdoors, offer large amounts of hanging line space and are aesthetically pleasing.

How can you install a retractable clothesline post so it can be removed or hidden when I’m not using it?

By using a ground socket. A ground socket can be placed underneath a STANDARD post, allowing the post to be inserted and removed as needed. A ground socket is available for Wall to Post, Post to Post and Post to Wall mounting options ONLY with STANDARD Posts, not Plated Posts. We do not recommend using more than one ground socket, such as for Post to Post mounting options, as this can decrease overall stability of the clothesline.

What is the best retractable clothesline brand?

Austral is one of the best retractable clothesline brands that we stock and they are the only clothesline brand that are designed and manufactured in Australia. They are made with the highest quality materials and offer great functionality. Austral retracting clotheslines are a popular choice among our customers.