Looking to buy a new folding clothesline? Our range of folding clotheslines come in a variety of styles, including Wall Mounted Clotheslines, and sizes to suit any location inside and outside your home. A folding clothesline is the perfect option to maximise your space, thanks to their clever folding frame functionality.

11 products
11 products

Folding Clothesline FAQs

How much weight can a folding clothesline hold?

The weight capacity of a folding clothesline depends on the size and model. Generally speaking, a folding clothesline can hold between 20-60 kg in weight. Please refer to individual product specifications or contact our team to find out.

Can I install a folding clothesline indoors?

Yes you can depending on the model and your indoor area. Our Austral Indoor Outdoor Folding Clothesline is our best-selling indoor folding clothesline.

Can I fold the clothesline when not in use?

Absolutely! That is the main benefit of a folding clothesline. You can fold it down when not in use, making it a great space-saving option for small areas or balconies.