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  • Clothesline installation available for rotary, wall and ground mounted, indoor and outdoor clotheslines 
  • Standard clothesline installation price includes cement or fixings for ground or wall mounted installations
  • Once checkout is complete, a team member will be in touch to book a time and date to install your clothesline

Clothesline Installation Service

Our experienced team provide professional clothesline installation services, for both indoor and outdoor clotheslines, throughout Melbourne, Geelong and the Mornington Peninsula.

We offer clothesline installation for all types of clothesline brands including, Hills Clotheslines, Austral Clothes Hoists, Daytek Clotheslines and much more.

Standard* Clothesline Installation Pricing

• Pricing for a standard* clothesline installation is $165.
• This pricing includes the cost of cement for ground installations or fixings for wall mounted clothesline installations.

* Standard clothesline installation means there is no obstructing rock or concrete in or around the immediate installation area. If rock is found during installation and jack hammering is required, an additional fee of $85 will be charged.

Core Drilling Services

• We offer Core Drilling for clothesline installations that need to be installed into paving, concrete or solid rock.
• Pricing is $100 per hole, however may vary based on your area.
• The diameter per core drill hole is 205mm.

Day of Clothesline Installation

• Our installer arrives onsite at the agreed time*
• Installer will help you choose the best location and adjust the clothesline to suit your height
• The clothesline will be installed according to manufacturer’s specifications

* Please note, if you are not at your premises at the arranged time, the installer is unable to gain access or cannot install your clothesline due to an incorrect product selection, a callout fee of up to $75 may apply.

Clothesline Removal Services

• We offer clothesline removal for an additional fee of $60.
• Simply select the "Clothesline removal and installation" option

* Please note, for ground mounted clotheslines, they will be cut off at the ground level. Old concrete in the ground will not be removed. The installer will dismantle and take your old clothesline with them.

Latest Customer Clothesline Installations

FAQs About Clothesline Installation

Where Can a Clothesline Be Installed?

Generally, a clothesline can be installed into and onto common surfaces including, grass or soil ground, concrete surfaces, pavers, tiles and brick surfaces (wall or ground).

Our installers will generally not recommend installing a clothesline in/on weatherboard or timber surfaces or fencing.

If you are unsure where you should have your clothesline installed, please contact one of our friendly team members on 1300 366 299 to discuss the best option.

I've just purchased your clothesline installation service, now what?

One of our team members will contact you within 24 hours to organise a time and date for your clothesline to be installed.

What locations do you offer installation?

We offer our clothesline installation services across Melbourne, Geelong and the Mornington Peninsula.

What will happen to my old clothesline?

If you have purchased our clothesline removal service, our installer will remove your old clothesline and take it with them.

Can you install a clothesline if nobody is home?

This can be an option if discussed prior to booking your clothesline installation. Simply give us a call on 1300 366 229 so we can accommodate your request.

Do I have to purchase a clothesline from Citywide Clothesline Services?

No, our clothesline installation service is available for clotheslines purchased elsewhere, including Bunnings Clotheslines.

How much does it cost to install a clothesline?

Our standard clothesline installation price is $165. This includes the cost of cement for ground installations or fixings for wall mounted installations. Any non-standard installations will incur additional costs. See individual products for more information.

How long does it take to install a clothesline?

This can vary depending on the existing clothesline and the type of clothesline being installed. Normally, between 25 to 35 minutes or up to 1 hour for cement ground mounted clotheslines. Give us a call to find out more.

Who will install my clothesline?

One of our friendly and highly experienced team members will install your clothesline. Our installers are all trade qualified.

Can you do a Hills clothesline installation?

Yes, our experienced clothesline installers can install all types of Hills Clotheslines.

Do you offer clothesline installation in other Australian states?

Please visit Clothesline Warehouse if you live in outside Melbourne to book clothesline installation services.

Need a New Clothesline?

Shop our range of clotheslines and we will install if for you too!